How to Eat Well and Live a Healthy Life With Dentures

Eating healthily is important for your well being and a balanced diet can also help keep your gums in good shape, promoting good oral health for denture wearers. However, it’s well documented that there are some considerations that denture wearers have to make when balancing the need for a good diet with what full or partial dentures enable them to eat.

Food and drink that denture users should consider restricting includes:

Coffee – and not for the reasons you might think! Coffee certainly has a staining effect, but no more so on dentures than natural teeth, and there are ways of managing that. But as coffee is a diuretic drinking too much can cause a dry mouth and lead to gum irritation. Make sure coffee or other diuretics such as tea or Cola are balanced out by non-diuretic fluids that can counter the effect.

Nuts, chewy sweets – Small foods that you eat a few at a time can encourage chewing on one side of your mouth, something to avoid if you wear dentures.

Raw vegetables – another food that can risk destabilising your teeth, but as veg are crucial for your all round well being, why not try your favourites lightly steamed. This will retain the flavour and keep some of the crunch, but not put the same strain on your dentures.

Great healthy foods to try:

Smoothies – enjoy all the fruit (and even veg!) you like and add yoghurt too for extra goodness. Just avoid the seeds that some recipes suggest.

Olives – the perfect snack food for a denture wearer. Ensure you have pitted to avoid the risk of biting down on a stone and enjoy! Olives are great for the fats that help keep cholesterol low and a great alternative to nuts for those who enjoy savoury snacks.

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