Our Denture Services

Based in Birches Head, Stoke on Trent and covering Stafford, Leek, Newcastle Under Lyme we provide a complete service to the general public and dental practices. We offer complete and partial (referral necessary) dentures as well as individual denture repairs and adjustments. Our standard of workmanship is of the highest standard using the latest techniques and using the highest quality materials available.

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Full Dentures – (copy dentures)

We offer a full range of dentures to ensure all patients individual and unique requirements together with their budgets. By using Swiss denture technique, injection moulded dentures we are able to give you back your smile and deal with the sensitivity issues of your mouth.

A full copy service is only available with full sets of dentures, we copy your original dentures enabling you to get used to a new set within a few days in some cases.
Complete Denture (no natural teeth remain) replaces your natural teeth with a full set of false teeth.

Partial Denture

Partial dentures require a referral from your dentist. We will then manufacture your new dentures. They are usually needed when you are missing a single tooth or a few teeth but not a full set. We customised to a patient’s specific requirements restoring a natural smile and greatly improving your ability to chew and speak clearly.

48 Hour Dentures (appointment only)

We offer dentures made within 48 hours. Because we have our own on site dental laboratory we are able to take new impressions, size and fit your dentures to the very highest of standards. If your dentures have been lost or been broken beyond repair.

1 Hour Denture Repair

We have our own laboratory so are able to repair dentures very quickly and efficiently. All our patients are welcome to use this service for immediate repair of their full or partial denture sets.

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Dental Implants

We can refer patients to our local implant dentists for assessment which is usually free of charge.

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We Use The Swiss Denture Concept

Selecting the right tooth mould is essential. Showing us an old photo of you smiling with your natural teeth will help us to help you in choosing the teeth most suitable for your face and to reflect you natural smile. Natural teeth are uneven, so a more natural smile needs an irregular set-up of the teeth.

In cases where some of your natural teeth are still in place we will supply a partial denture set. The gaps will be filled using a partial denture that is removable, held in place either by clasps, which are readily visible, or by retention elements which are attached to crowns or bridges.

House Bound and Nursing Homes

We can either collect and deliver denture repairs or provide a complete new full set of dentures for our patients within the comfort of their home.  (Special rates apply).

Disabled Patients

We offer disabled access to all our services with fully accessible premises and disabled toilet facilities.

Implant Restoration (Supra-Construction)

As with any addition the foundation has to be solid to enable a smooth finish. Poor jaw and tissue conditions will cause problems with denture retention. To enable us to provide the best retention and fit removable implant restorations may be used to provide a more comfortable and natural looking result.

Your technician will discuss with you the various options available depending on your unique requirements.

For more information on any of our dental services covering Stoke on Trent, Leek, Newcastle Under Lyme and Stafford contact us today.